Sonoran Summer Style

I love this time of year… the monsoons. It turns our normal brown desert into a lush green jungle of weeds and bushes. But with the rain comes “monsoon style”. Remember, here in the Sonoran Desert, the summers mean 100+ degree temps -even when it is raining! So, the syles that come along with that are interesting.

  The one I have noticed this summer though is worth mentioning. I have seen many gals in cowboy boots and skirts and shorts. The function of cowboy boots in the rain is very logical but I did not know how much I really like the look! Short skirt or shorts with a cute pair of boots and you are a desert fashionista!

Wrangler Women's Premium Patch Mae Denim Mini Skirtimage is from -a place to buy Wranglers (the denim skirt is $34 if anyone is interested)