Next fashion trend… smart clothing

It is high time that my bracelet could show my twitter feed or my underwear monitor my health… don’t you agree? My bra could easily support a heart-rate monitor and there is no reason why accessories couldn’t really make statement about you by showing your facebook newsfeed or twitter feed. My watch already carries a tiny USB drive… why not add a tiny screen?¬† How about a body-temp monitor scarf? Camera in my sunglasses? Google Latitude in shoes to track my path!? There are some clothing designers out there that are creating multi-functional clothing but it is not coming quick enough! If our phones can be a computer, camera, phone, etc… why does clothing/fashion just have to be clothing. It is time “smart clothing” becomes more mainstream!

So to any fashion designers out there looking for ideas… please email me because I have a thousand ideas of how to make clothing multi-functional¬† or make fashion “smart”! BUT please make it fashionable… no one wants to pay a lot of money for a “smart” article of clothing if it is ugly. I am clueless on why fashion has missed out of this tech-age… but there is still time.

Imagine this Vogue dress with your picasa or facebook photo album pics real-time! Updating as you upload… how sweet would that be?!


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