Men’s shoes for fall 2010

Rolling pant cuffs on guys seems to be in… whether you are riding a bicycle or not. So make sure you have some cool kicks to show off! Although I am always a fan of the chucks, sometimes a guy needs to be a little dressier. BUT we are in the Sonoran Desert here and even our “formal” wear is more casual than normal. So check out this great pair of boots from Billy Reid:

Perfect Fall Boot for Dudes

Fall 2010 boots- how to wear them

For this fall, boots are a necessary item in your closet. How you wear them though could mean all the difference! Over a form fitted pair of jeans is usually safe but DARE to show off those legs with your favorite pair of boots and DARE to show off those boot socks!

Nothing is worse that wearing those boots with a skirt and it looks like you are trying to hide the fact that you have socks on… show them off! Use these fall socks as an accessory statement!

Fall Fashion boots and their accessories

Maybe it is not what you are wearing, but what you are driving?

Face it. We live in the desert. We leave our comfortable AC home and get into a car and drive to our AC work. So most of what people see of you may only be from the shoulder up, as you drive. So maybe what you drive, can be your Sonoran Fashion Statement!

The Barrett Jackson car show and auction in Scottsdale is not until Jan. But Vegas is having theirs in a few weeks: So if you need some inspiration, this might be a great excuse to head to Vegas baby!

And for those of you that love your current clunker and have been putting off a car wash for weeks because of the monsoon… give ‘her a wash and make your car fashion sparkle like the rest of your bling!

Goody’s new up-do pin is a fall down mess

I am always very excited to try new things and Goody’s new up-do pin was no exception! I was able to twist and put it into position and my hair did look fabulous (minus the slight pain of the ends digging into my scalp). But HEY– sometimes we suffer for beauty, verdad?

Well, my up-do lasted about 10mins. before my long thick Sonoran hair exploded! The pin went flying and “ping”ed against the wall. While, this hair falling show was appreciated by those around, I have to say – if you have thick hair… this is not the up-do pin for you.

.Goody’s up-do pin

Wrist pocket, wrist purse, wrist wallet, whatever, it is GREAT!

Best Fashion Invention since the zipper! Seriously. How many times do you get all dressed up and don’t have a pocket and really really need one?! Or you want to go out to a bar or dancing and really don’t want to carry a purse!? Well, someone has finally done it… a purse you carry like a thick bracelet. Not only are they great if you are going for run or jog or to the gym but they are also great for traveling!

I found these a couple months ago at REI and have fallen in love. They make great presents! Everyone that sees mine goes out right away and gets one! It is just logical to have one or more of these in your purse collection.


More styles:

Pic from

Sonoran Summer Style

I love this time of year… the monsoons. It turns our normal brown desert into a lush green jungle of weeds and bushes. But with the rain comes “monsoon style”. Remember, here in the Sonoran Desert, the summers mean 100+ degree temps -even when it is raining! So, the syles that come along with that are interesting.

  The one I have noticed this summer though is worth mentioning. I have seen many gals in cowboy boots and skirts and shorts. The function of cowboy boots in the rain is very logical but I did not know how much I really like the look! Short skirt or shorts with a cute pair of boots and you are a desert fashionista!

Wrangler Women's Premium Patch Mae Denim Mini Skirtimage is from -a place to buy Wranglers (the denim skirt is $34 if anyone is interested)

Welcome to Sonoran Chic

Welcome to a blog finally for those of us in the SouthWest! Style, things to do, places to go, and Sonoran chic trends. Enjoy!