Jan 11th- Now known as Sexy Shoe Day!

1/11/11 will forever be known as the first annual sexy shoe day! Please spread the word. Sonoran Chic has decided it is about time for a holiday to be centered around those sexy heels! You wait for those perfect events to wear that perfect pair of shoes… well, at least now, you can wear a pair once a year and not feel out of place!

Jan 11th, will hereby be known as Sexy Shoe Day!

We here at SonoranChic.com, creators of Sexy Shoe Day, believe this is a holiday for all to enjoy! We do not bias on age, gender, etc… you can even dress your pooch up in some cute doggy booties! Even if you do not have feet, you can participate! Go buy a pair of shoes and donate them! Infact, when you go out this winter season to buy that sexy pair of shoes for Jan 11th, please donate one or more pairs of your shoes to a charitable organization of your choice! It is a great new year’s resolution, to clean out that closet and to help those in need at the same time!

Enjoy sexy shoe day on Jan 11th and please spread the word!