Spring 2011 Fashion trends

 Well, we here at Sonoran Chic have taken some time and have found the Spring 2011 Fashion Trends… especially for the SouthWest. So for those of you living stylishly in the desert, this news is for you:

Studded Platform SandalCalvinKleinSpringDressStreets of Santa Fe: imagine you are strolling down the streets of Santa Fe, New Mexico… you see colorful dresses, lots of accessories, thick bracelets and bangles, maybe a little fringe? Think Native American style meets Indian Jones. Which brings us to style trend number two this spring…

Dolce&Gabbana Lace and LeatherAlexanderMcQueenSkullKnuckleDusterMotorcycle chic: but not your typical hard-core biker, more like rocker-rockabilly meets flamenco! Think lace and leather, pops of color among neutral jackets. Wedge shoes, heels with ankle-straps, and boots! We are intrigued by the knuckle duster clutch and perfect for this season’s fashion trend.

Happy New Year Sonoran Desert! Have some snow?

That is correct parts in central and even southern Arizona today got snow! Mt Lemmon near Tucson has reportedly seen 18inches of snow… but we will not believe until we see it. Unfortunately, due to the wet weather, the Mt Lemmon highway is closed. We just checked on the Ski Valley website and it still says closed. But if you want to check on the Mt Lemmon ski valley, call 520.576.1400 or the Pima County Road Conditions hotline and it will let you know if the road is open at least. 520.547.7510.

Sweater Dress Weather

It is finally cool enough to start calling it “sweater weather” in the Sonoran Desert. Which of course means the high is in the 60s/70s but the lows are getting into the 40s/50s. (remember to those of us living in the desert, that is cold!).  So I wanted to share with you some top sweaterdress pics from Victoria’s Secret… Enjoy!

VS SD 1 VS SD 2 VS SD 3 VS SD 4 

Jan 11th- Now known as Sexy Shoe Day!

1/11/11 will forever be known as the first annual sexy shoe day! Please spread the word. Sonoran Chic has decided it is about time for a holiday to be centered around those sexy heels! You wait for those perfect events to wear that perfect pair of shoes… well, at least now, you can wear a pair once a year and not feel out of place!

Jan 11th, will hereby be known as Sexy Shoe Day!

We here at SonoranChic.com, creators of Sexy Shoe Day, believe this is a holiday for all to enjoy! We do not bias on age, gender, etc… you can even dress your pooch up in some cute doggy booties! Even if you do not have feet, you can participate! Go buy a pair of shoes and donate them! Infact, when you go out this winter season to buy that sexy pair of shoes for Jan 11th, please donate one or more pairs of your shoes to a charitable organization of your choice! It is a great new year’s resolution, to clean out that closet and to help those in need at the same time!

Enjoy sexy shoe day on Jan 11th and please spread the word!


Halloween Costume Trends for 2010

With Halloween around the corner, many boys and “ghouls” will be searching for that perfect costume idea online. Hopefully this insight will help.

For 2010, as I look into my crystal ball, I see many home-spun costumes. Many of which are decade related: a 1980’s girl with big hair and neon, a 1920’s flapper, a groovy 1960’s dude, etc. I also predict some avatar blue costumes running around. Of course there will be vampires vs werewolves…

So now the question is, do you decide to “run with thepack”? or do you trick or treat on the road less traveled and come up with your own original costume idea?

Feel free to email your Halloween costume picture to us and we will pick out the most fashion savvy of them all! *@SonoranChic.com

And remember be safe! Halloween in the desert can be wild!
Carved Pirate Pumpkin

Gnocchi as dessert!

Gnocchi Dessert 

Dessert gnocchi is soooo good! Pictured above with nutella & cinnamon sugar. It is such a delicious and simple idea and it can be done with a variety of toppings! With the right ingredients, it can be made for people with special diet restrictions. Not too mention, for those of us waching our weight, it is such a small dessert… you can portion it to any size!

Try gnocchi with:

Cinnamon Sugar
Powered Sugar
Jam or Jelly
Chocolate Sauce
etc., etc.,

Men’s shoes for fall 2010

Rolling pant cuffs on guys seems to be in… whether you are riding a bicycle or not. So make sure you have some cool kicks to show off! Although I am always a fan of the chucks, sometimes a guy needs to be a little dressier. BUT we are in the Sonoran Desert here and even our “formal” wear is more casual than normal. So check out this great pair of boots from Billy Reid:

Perfect Fall Boot for Dudes


Fall 2010 boots- how to wear them

For this fall, boots are a necessary item in your closet. How you wear them though could mean all the difference! Over a form fitted pair of jeans is usually safe but DARE to show off those legs with your favorite pair of boots and DARE to show off those boot socks!

Nothing is worse that wearing those boots with a skirt and it looks like you are trying to hide the fact that you have socks on… show them off! Use these fall socks as an accessory statement!

Fall Fashion boots and their accessories

Maybe it is not what you are wearing, but what you are driving?

Face it. We live in the desert. We leave our comfortable AC home and get into a car and drive to our AC work. So most of what people see of you may only be from the shoulder up, as you drive. So maybe what you drive, can be your Sonoran Fashion Statement!

The Barrett Jackson car show and auction in Scottsdale is not until Jan. But Vegas is having theirs in a few weeks: http://www.barrett-jackson.com/events/lasvegas So if you need some inspiration, this might be a great excuse to head to Vegas baby!

And for those of you that love your current clunker and have been putting off a car wash for weeks because of the monsoon… give ‘her a wash and make your car fashion sparkle like the rest of your bling!